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In May 2022, Currie Construction were awarded a gold award for our work restoring, freshening and strengthening a local industrial building along the Gisborne river front. Originally a local petrol station, this local historic building was transformed into an architectural local real estate office space. Our team had the pleasure of working alongside Arcvhitects 44, Clark Structural Engineering, iD Workshop, Morley Design Group Ltd and Tectonix Structural Engineering to bring this "Rag to Riches" build to life.


The aim of the build was to balance the rich textural elements of the original building that contrasted with new materials to create the new space. The building juxtaposes open and closed, light and dark and public and private spaces. When you walk into the building you are immediately welcomed by a warm reception area, a sun-lit large auction room and appealing public spaces that all capture the essence of the building.

This was an exceptional build to be a part of and are extremely proud of our team and project partners for what we achieved together.. 


Cat 1 - Winner (003) (002).png

Currie Construction are the proud winners of the Civil Contractors Category 1, award in November 2021. The project was the restoration of the Tatapouri Sea Wall. 

The Tatapouri Sea Wall and road on State Highway 35 was crumbling from pounding winter seas, causing havoc with locals and spring visitors. Adjacent to the nationally significant Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve (“The  footprint of Rongokako”) protecting 2,450ha of coastline) and frequently visited by seals, fixing this project was of community significance. 

Working with Gisborne District Council, our team dug out the slips, recycled the existing concrete panels and reinstalled them where possible, using those that were too damaged as riprap to stabilise the bank. The team faced the challenge of having to work with the tide, so shotcrete was chosen over reinforced steel to build the remaining panels required.

All works were completed safely within strict environmental protocols to make sure the marine life were protected, and the area remained pristine.

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